by petertspangler

Right, onto the big one. JFK’s assassination is continually questioned, the motive of Lee Harvey Oswald and if he was alone are just a few to mention. It is a goldmine for conspiracy theorists, but I will not address that for one second. JFK was assassinated in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963 and LBJ replaced him. Frankly I am was not looking forward to this one, LBJ does not particularly interest me for some reason. Civil Rights, Vietnam, all that are huge, monumental events in American history and I can not motivate myself to look into it a bit more. So here is my brief summation of LBJ’s administration:

When he got it right, he got it absolutely right. When he got it wrong, it was disastrous.

Moving on. What could be next? More presidential history? Another country? Something silly?

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